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"Russian Defence Expo 2010"
26 Sep 2023
VI International exhibition of technical means of defense and protection
Russian Defence Expo - 2010

"Russian Defence Expo - 2010"

Service Center "EXPO-TOUR" welcomes you to the 6th International Exhibition of Defensive and Protective Means "RUSSIAN DEFENCE EXPO 2010"! The Exhibition will be held in the State Armament and Military Equipment Demonstration and Exhibition Center opened by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metals Testing" in July 14-17, 2010.

Exhibition schedule:
Duration of the event: July 14-17, 2010
Days for specialists: July 14, 15, 2010
Public days: July 16, 17, 2010

Exhibition is open:
for participants: July 14-17, from 9 AM till 6 PM
for visitors: July 14-16, from 10 AM till 5 PM; July 17, from 10 AM till 3 PM

Exhibition opening ceremony: July 14, 2010, at 12 AM
Exhibition closing ceremony: July 17, 2010, at 3 PM
Exhibitions profile:

Military-engineering vehicles:
  • Engineering reconnaissance and mine obstacles breaching equipment (mine sweepers, detectors and annihilators).
  • Maintenance and evacuation military equipment facilities.
  • Minelayers.
  • Water overcoming facilities.
  • Propulsion installations and their systems.
  • Combat vehicles protection facilities.
  • Armored equipment crews, automobiles and other materiel active and passive protection facilities.

  • Law machinery armament, ammunition and equipment:
  • Special purpose small arms.
  • Individual armored outfit vests, helmets, shields, boards, gloves.
  • Special clothes.
  • Special armored transport facilities.

  • Rescue services outfit and equipment:
  • Saving equipment.
  • Individual protection means.
  • Emergency equipment.
  • Outfit and equipment for activities on water and under water.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Vehicles and special transport for searching and saving detachments.
  • Special air-engineering and equipment.
  • Regular power sources.
  • Outfit, equipment and means supporting life in regions of natural disasters.

  • Fire fighting service equipment:
  • Fire extinguishing primary means.
  • Fire alarm systems and automatics.
  • Fire prevention and explosion protection systems.
  • Fire-resistant materials and coatings.
  • Explosive and fireproof equipment, tools, clothing.
  • Smoke removing systems.
  • Special transport.
  • Wood fire fighting equipment.
  • Aviation fire extinguishing means.

  • Civil defense equipment, tools and accessories:
  • Communication and warning systems.
  • Reconnaissance systems.
  • Latent control systems.
  • Medical equipment, tools, medicines.
  • Equipment, fitting, tools for mobile hospitals.
  • Equipment, devices for mobile chemical labs.
  • Means of protection from radioactive substances and toxic agents.
  • Protection means against WMD.
  • Means of preventive measures and treatment of circumstances of WMD use.
  • Special rear equipment.
  • Life supporting means.
  • Blasting and anti-blasting equipment, express explosives analyzers.
  • Protection means when working with explosives.
  • Metal detectors, endoscopes, X-rays equipment, IR- imagers.

  • Antiterrorists equipment.

    Means of communication, information and radio-electronic protection.

    Equipment and facilities for armed forces rear supply.

    Armament and military equipment disposal.

    Complex and local monitoring systems and emergency situations prognostication. Safety assurance integrated systems.

    Technical security systems, access restriction, citizens property protection and legal persons guarding.

    Exhibition program includes:
  • exposition in halls and on open grounds;
  • operating and combat features demonstration of military equipment and means of Ministry of Emergency situations;
  • business meetings;
  • participants' presentations;
  • scientific and technical conferences;
  • briefings;
  • seminars;
  • round tables;
  • organization committee diplomas awarding.

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